Getting a margin loan

How Buying A Pre-Reg Car Could Save You Money

If you want to buy yourself a brand new car, you could save money by considering a model that's classed as a 'pre-reg' vehicle.  Pre-reg cars can be financed in just the same way as show room models, through taking out a car loan, signing a hire purchase agreement, or borrowing money from your bank.  But what are pre-reg cars and why do they work out so much cheaper? Pre-reg vehicles Read More 

Newbie in Business? Here’s How To Raise Short-Term Debts to Fund Your Operations

As a start-up business working to get a good grip on the market, there is a high risk of running out of capital. The risk emanates from too many cost elements during start-up coupled with the sluggish generation of returns. For example, you might spend lots of money on advertisements, but your sales turnover might be too slow to match the rate at which you are spending. This is where short-term debts come in handy. Read More 

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Getting a margin loan

I am really eager to build up my investment portfolio. I'm still pretty young, so I think I'm in a good position to take some calculated risks. I already own an investment unit with mortgage on it, and now I'm taking out a margin loan so that I can buy a share portfolio. This blog is all about getting loans and financing so that you can gear up your investments and make higher returns. I am excited about growing my investments. This blog will be useful for anyone who is looking to make use of investment loans such as margin lending.